Identifying a NI PCI-GPIB vs. PCI-GPIB+ Card

Updated Nov 30, 2023

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My PCI-GPIB device has PCI-GPIB+ indicated on the printed circuit board.  How do I know if this is a PCI-GPIB or a PCI-GPIB+?


The best way to find out if the device is a PCI-GPIB or PCI-GPIB+ device is to use the part number.  The PCI-GPIB will have a part number of 183617X-01, where as the PCI-GPIB+ will have a part number of 183617X-02

There should also be a sticker on the front side (near the GPIB connector) indicating the device type. 

The same circuit board was used for both PCI-GPIB and PCI-GPIB+ devices, which is the reason why PCI-GPIB+ is on the printed circuit board.  However, there are many parts that are not actually soldered onto the PCI-GPIB version, so it cannot be used in the same applications as  the PCI-GPIB+.