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Why Is NI Spy Now Named NI I/O Trace?

Updated Dec 28, 2023

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NI Spy
NI I/O Trace

Issue Details

Previously, I used NI Spy to debug NI API calls, but I noticed with a recent driver installation this application no longer exists. Instead, I see NI I/O Trace installed. What is NI I/O Trace, and what happened to NI Spy?


Starting with version 3.0, released in August 2011, NI Spy was renamed NI I/O Trace. The application was renamed to more accurately describe what it's used for. NI I/O Trace has the same functionality as NI Spy, and is backwards compatible with the existing NI Spy API. NI I/O Trace can also open old .spy files. For any technical questions regarding NI Spy or NI I/O Trace, contact NI Support at

NI I/O Trace comes bundled with the following NI drivers: