Materials to Make a RJ50/10P10C Cable Assembly

Updated Jan 12, 2023

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  • cRIO RJ50 Cable

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I am attempting to create a RJ50/10P10C cable assembly that requires a shielded cable with five twisted pairs and plugs that have ten conductors. Where do I find these components?


There are three components required to create a RJ50/10P10C cable assembly. You will need to obtain the 10P10C plugs, cable, and the RJ50 crimping tool.

10 Conductors, 5 twisted pairs, 26 AWG Stranded Cable
National Instrument recommends that you purchase the cable from 3M. The part number is 3750/10 for stranded or 3560/10 for solid wire and you can find a distributor near you from their web site at

10P10C Shielded Plugs
Sentinel Connector Systems PN 110S101010-24 

10P10C Non-Shielded Plugs
Cabling System Warehouse PN 060-R10-S-6
Tyco Electronics PN 5-557963-2 

RJ50 Crimping Tool
Tecra Tools PN 39025 10-position RJ50 Die Set and 39100 Deluxe CrimpAll Crimper 

Additional Information

These web site URLs may change without notifying National Instruments. If the links are broken we recommend that you contact these vendors with the part numbers or try searching from their home page.