How Many GPIB-USB Controllers Can I Use at Once?

Updated Dec 19, 2023

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I need to use multiple GPIB Boards in one system. How many GPIB-USB-B and/or GPIB-USB-HS controllers can I use in a PC at the same time?


The NI-488.2 driver can currently support up to 100 GPIB controllers. This includes those connected by PCI, PXI, USB, and others.

In most systems, the maximum number of GPIB-USB controllers is limited by the power supply of the associated USB port. The maximum specified current draw of the GPIB-USB-B is 200 mA and 500 mA for the GPIB-USB-HS. Using a self-powered USB hub may enable the expansion of the number of USB controllers for any given system, as long as the system does not exceed 100 GPIB controllers.

Additional Information

Note: All GPIB controllers from NI act as System Controller by default. In any one GPIB system, there can only be one System Controller. You can change this setting through Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).