How Do I Find the Vendor and Product ID for USB Devices?

Updated Jan 11, 2019

Issue Details

I am working to develop a USB device driver using the VISA Driver Development Wizard. How do I find the Product ID and Vendor ID of my USB device?


Microsoft has generated a free utility, as part of the Debugging Tools for Windows, which allows users to perform data query on USB controllers and connected USB devices. 

Universal Serial Bus Viewer, USBView.exe, provides a graphical interface for users to browse all available USB controllers and USB devices present on the system. USBView offers a convenient method for obtaining device information, such as Product ID or Vendor ID, which must be included in the creation of a device driver .inf file, when using the VISA Driver Development Wizard.

Using the USBView Application:
  1. Double-click to launch the USBView.exe application.
  2. Once the application window is open, you may navigate to the desired USB device via the device tree on the left. USB product information will be displayed in the viewing window on the right hand side.