BNC or SMB Connectors for R Series (NI 78xx) Devices

Updated Jun 10, 2024

Reported In


  • SMB-2163
  • SCB-68
  • SCB-68 HSDIO
  • CA-1000
  • PCI-7811
  • PXI-7811
  • PXIe-7820
  • PCIe-7820
  • PXI-7813
  • PCI-7813
  • PCIe-7821
  • PXIe-7821
  • PCIe-7822
  • PXIe-7822
  • PXI-7830
  • PCI-7830
  • PCI-7831
  • PXI-7831
  • PCI-7833
  • PXI-7833
  • PXI-7841
  • PCIe-7841
  • PXI-7842
  • PCIe-7842
  • PXIe-7846
  • PXI-7851
  • PCIe-7851
  • PXI-7852
  • PCIe-7852
  • PXI-7853
  • PXI-7854
  • PXIe-7856
  • PXIe-7858
  • PXIe-7867
  • PXIe-7868


R Series Boards: 7811R, 7813R, 7820R, 7821R, 7822R, 7830R, 7831R, 7833R, 7841R, 7842R, 7845R, 7846R, 7851R, 7852R, 7853R, 7854R, 7855R, 7856R, 7858R, PXIe-7867, PXIe-7868

Issue Details

I want to use BNC or SMB connectors with my R Series NI 78xx device. I might be upgrading to a 78xx from a previous device that had these connectors. What terminal blocks or connector blocks are available to me? 



The BNC connector blocks that NI provides all have internal circuitry that is not compatible with R Series Multifunction RIO devices.

If you would like to manually create a BNC connector, you can use the SCB-68 and the CA-1000 to configure a custom, per-channel BNC connector solution. Alternatively, if you would like to create your own BNC connector block, NI offers 68-pin VHDCI connectors for use in custom applications.

SMB (SubMiniature version B)

The SCB-68 HSDIO features pads next to each screw terminal onto which SMB connectors can be soldered. These SMB connectors will have to be purchased from a third-party provider. Information on recommended connectors (manufacturer and part number) are listed on page 6 of the NI SCB-68 HSDIO Connection Guide and Specifications.

The NI SMB-2163 Single-Ended Digital I/O Accessory can also be used if soldering SMB connectors to the SCB-68 HSDIO is not practical. The DIO channels (0-31) are grounded, making these channels functional, even though the pinouts between SMB-2163 and R Series 78xx device may not match exactly.

The pinouts should still be compared to understand the caveats that may apply when using SMB-2163 with 78xx card. For example, SMB-2163 will work with PXIe-7820R with the following caveats:

1. PFI lines on the front of SMB-2163 will not have a useful function.
2. DDC CLK OUT on front of SMB-2163 will not be a DDC clock, it is connected to a GND pin on 7820R.
3. External Clock x (pin 67 on 7820R) is labeled on the SMB-2163 as STROBE.

This was determined by comparing the pinouts (SHC68-C68 type cable) of both devices, which are pictured below. The DIO channels match pins exactly so can be used as labeled on the SMB-2163. The caveats listed above are determined from the other, unmatched pins.