Resource Manager Unable to Initialize VXI Driver

Updated Aug 21, 2019

Issue Details

The Resource Manager (Resman) give me an error saying it is unable to initialize VXI driver?


Make sure that you have installed the appropriate NI-VXI driver (see the related link, below) and disable any memory resident programs and non essential device drivers:

Additional Information

This error is indicative of the fact that the NI-VXI device driver is not installed properly, or that it is not loading properly, possibly due to a conflict with some other memory resident program or device driver.
    • You will get this error if you are using MXI-2 (i.e. PCI-MXI-2 to VXI-MXI2) and you don't have anything cabled to it. At the very least you need to have your MXI-2 cable attached to the PCI-MXI-2 controller so that it can assert that it is the system controller.
    • Check the Device Manager for any Unknown Devices with yellow question marks next to them. Delete these devices, and "Scan for Hardware Changes" or "Refresh" the Windows Device Manager.
    • (PCI-MXI-2) Change PCI slots in the computer.
    • Disable screen savers, virus checkers, or any other memory resident programs.
    • Disable sound card and ethernet drivers.
    • Set the Display Adapter driver to the "Standard VGA" Microsoft driver (Microsoft operating systems).
    • Exclude the region of memory from 0xD000 - 0xEFFF from other device drivers (Microsoft operating systems). This is accomplished by adding the line "device = emm386.sys x=0xD000-0xEFFF" to your CONFIG.SYS file and the line "emmexclude = 0xD000 - 0xEFFF" to the [386Enh] section of your SYSTEM.INI file.
    • (PCI-MXI-2) Contact your computer vendor to verify that you are using the latest BIOS revision and that it complies to revision 2.1 (or later)of the PCI specification. In addition, check your BIOS configuration options for a "Plug and Play" (or similar) setting and/or a "PCI bus mastering" setting. These should be disabled and enabled respectively. Note that not every BIOS has these options and that every computer manufacturer uses different naming conventions for the settings.
    If resman can be loaded properly but seems to hang, this is an indication that there is a MXI failure and should be resolved by testing other MXI wiring or another PCI slot. This will confirm that there isn't a hardware failure that's been showcased in the software.