Ethernet CompactDAQ Crashing Unexpectedly

Updated Jan 9, 2018

Reported In


  • cDAQ-9188

Issue Details

I am receiving the following error when using my cDAQ-9188 to control multiple high pressure pumps. What should I do about this?
C++ Exception (0xE06D7363)


This error could be caused by several different things. Here are some possible causes which can be investigated:

1. This issue may just be related to Reference Memory Buffer Overflow, and a simple restart of the system will resolve the issue.
2. Multiple tasks are trying to use the same resource, so ensuring that the code is set up in such a way that this cannot happen is imperative.
3. If there was a power surge, a module on the cDAQ may have gotten short circuited. Ensure that all outputs and inputs on the device are functioning properly by using a DMM to check voltage across output terminals.


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