Can't Deploy DAQmx to a Real-Time Controller

Updated Dec 28, 2023

Reported In


  • CompactRIO Controller


  • Package Manager


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

  • I am trying to deploy the NI-DAQmx driver set to my Real-Time (RT) embedded controller or PC, but I do not see it as an option in the Real-Time Software Wizard in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX). How do I deploy NI-DAQmx?
  • I don't see the option to select DAQmx or Multifunction I/O in my PXI Controller, CompactRIO with DAQmx, or Real-Time PC.
  • I'm getting error Cannot continue for the dependency: Multifunction DAQ when installing Veristand to my Real-Time system.


1. Close NI MAX, and any other National Instruments Software that you have running.
2. Download and install the NI-DAQmx Driver. When prompted to select which features to install, make sure you select Real-Time Support.

3. Reboot your computer after the installer finishes.
4. Open NI MAX, locate your target and expand it using the arrow located on the left of your device.
5. Right click on Software and select Add/Remove Software.
6. Select Custom Software Installation (if given suggestions of software versions to install), and look for the NI-DAQmx driver.

Additional Information

When installing NI-DAQmx on the development/host PC, make sure to install Real-Time support for LabVIEW and/or LabWindows™/CVI. This will install Real-Time (RT) images to the host machine which can then be installed on the RT device using the Real-Time Software Wizard in MAX. 

To confirm that the DAQmx Real-Time images are installed on the host, navigate to the following location on your machine: <root directory>\Program Files\National Instruments\RT Images\NI-DAQmx. Make sure you see three folders inside this directory: The DAQmx version you installed, Firmware, and MIGString. Reinstall the NI-DAQmx driver if these are missing. Note: The Program Files directory will be called Program Files (x86) in 64-bit Operating Systems.

If the files are missing, and the NI-DAQmx driver says that there is no software to install or modify after trying to run it again, try a force reinstall: Force Reinstall Non-Working or Corrupt NI Software.

If you installed drivers using NI Package Manager, certain components like the ADE Support will not show up in NI Measurement & Automation Explorer and you will not be able to install additional software on remote targets.
Instead, you should download the full driver from NI Website and use the driver installer. Once the install is complete, you will again be able to add new software on your remote target based on the software installed on the host computer.