How Can I Customize the X-Axis Labels on My LabVIEW Graph/Chart So They Appear Vertically?

Updated Nov 7, 2023



  • LabVIEW

How can I customize the x-axis labels on my graph/chart so they appear vertically like those in the image below?


To make the x-axis labels appear vertically follow this procedure:
  1. Place a waveform graph or chart on the Front Panel.
  2. Right-click on the chart and navigate to the X Scale»Style .
  3. Select the style option that shows no numbers or markers.
  4. On the Tools Palette (under Menu»Show Tools Palette) change the Automatic Tools Selection tool to Text Edit.
  5. Double-click anywhere on the Front Panel to create a label. Type the label's value.
  6. Right click the label, and change the Vertical Arrangement to Clockwise or Counter-clockwise.
  7. Place the label under the correct tick mark.

Additional Information

If the x-axis values of a graph/chart will be changing, follow this procedure:
  1. Create controls on the Front Panel, one for each x-axis label. If you are not using the captions for your existing controls, and you have more controls than x-axis values, you will not need dummy controls.
  2. Right click the controls and select Visible Items»Caption.
  3. Right click the captions and select Vertical Arrangement»Counter-clockwise. Place one caption next to each X-axis marker on the graph. Move the dummy controls by placing them off-screen where the user can't see them.
  4. Create Property Nodes for the controls on the Block Diagram and write a value to Captions»Text. This will be a string value, so numeric values must be converted to string values to be used with this property.
  5. Now create Property Nodes to obtain the XScale.Minimum and XScale.Increment values of the graph. These values can be used to calculate the numeric value for each label along the X-axis programmatically.