Error 16xx While Installing or Uninstalling NI Software

Updated Oct 16, 2020

Reported In


  • NI-488.2

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

  • Why do I get Error 1601 occurred while installing NI-488.2. Do you want to continue? while installing NI software on Windows?
  • My NI Package Manager error logs show an error in the form Error 16xx while installing or uninstalling NI software.


Errors of the form 16xx are generated by Windows. These are not errors generated by National Instruments. Contact Microsoft Support for assistance with this type of error.

Additional Information

Common causes and solutions to error 1601 are:

If you are experiencing this error in Windows in safe mode:
Microsoft Windows automatically disables the Windows Installer Service when in Safe Mode.  The NI uninstaller depends on this service to successfully remove NI software.  To proceed with uninstallation, enable the Windows Installer Service.

If you are not in safe mode: 
Contact Microsoft Technical Support

Note: Be sure to check the exact operating system in the list of compatible operating systems to ensure you are downloading the correct version of Windows Installer. Previous versions of Windows Installer are also available on the Microsoft website.