Does My LIN Device Support the J2602 Protocol

Updated Dec 8, 2017

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  • PXI-8516
  • PCI-8516
  • NI-9866

Issue Details

I'm working with an NI LIN device, does it support the J2602 protocol and what do I need to do to use it with the use it?


To use the NI LIN devices you need to manually alter the LIN Description File (LDF) and specify the protocol and language fields on the file as seen below.

LIN_protocol_version           = "J2602_1_1.0";

LIN_language_version           = "J2602_3_1.0";


Additional Information

For examples programs for this protocol, any example and additional documentation available for LIN will also work for the J2602 protocol.

The loading of J2602 LDF files is supported from the 1.5 version of the NI-XNET driver.


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