Password Protect LabVIEW Applications at Run-Time

Updated Aug 23, 2023

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Issue Details

I want to deploy my LabVIEW application to the field but limit the access to it at run-time. Is there a way to implement a simple password protection system for LabVIEW?


There is currently no built-in way in LabVIEW to password protect VIs or deployed executables at run-time.

It is possible to programmatically perform the same operation by having a top-level VI that loads the main program only if a password is passed in correctly.

The easiest method uses the Prompt User for Input Express VI. This Express VI prompts the user for a password and passes out a true or false which can be handled as in the example below. It launches the main program if the password matches. Note that this example launches the subVI statically and the is configured to show its Front Panel at Run-Time. This method requires the Password VI to remain open while the main VI runs.


Additional Information

The one downside of using the Prompt User for Input Express VI is that there currently is no way to replace the typed characters with asterisks as is commonly used in password entries. If this is required, manually set up a top-level VI that handles the string input as seen in the example below. Note that this example loads the dynamically. This allows the password program to end while the main application runs.


Right click on the string control for the password and select Properties. In the Appearance tab, find the Display Style sub-category and select the Password radio button. Click OK. This will replace any entered characters with asterisks.