TestStand Sequence Analyser Takes too Long

Updated May 3, 2018

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  • TestStand

Issue Details

When I execute/run the test sequence the analyze message pop-up appears and takes too long to analyze the sequence. I haven't changed anything in the test sequence that can affect the performance of the analyzer. How can I speed up running my application?


The Sequence Analyzer can take some time to execute, especially for larger sequences.

To reduce analysis time, reduce the number of rules that run when you analyse the sequence. To do so, go to Debug> Sequence Analyser> Current Sequence Analyzer Project to open up the list of rules which will be run. Here, you can deselect rules which you wouldn't like to reference in your analysis.

Additional Information

If you wouldn't like to change your TestStand rules, you can prevent TestStand analysing your sequence files every time you run your application by going to Debug>Sequence Analyzer>Sequence Analyzer Options and unchecking the box Analyze File Before Executing. You can then run the sequence analyser manually by clicking the icon with a play button and a microscope on it whenever you have made substantial changes to your sequence.


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