How to Disable the Grapher View in Multisim

Updated May 9, 2023



  • Multisim
  • Multisim 14.1

"Every time I run a simulation the window Grapher View appears. How can I disable it?"
"Multisim used to show data on the virtual oscilloscope, now it shows some data on the Grapher View."
"No data is shown anymore on a Probe when I run the simulation."

Change the type of analysis to Interactive Simulation. You can do so by following these steps:

  1. Opening menu Simulates » Analyses and simulation. This brings the up the Analyses and Simulation window.
  2. On the left side, select Interactive Simulation.
  3. Click Run.

Selecting Interactive Analysis brings back the tooltip next to each probe. As long as the simulation is running, the currently simulated value(s) are shown in these tooltips:

Additional Information

Interactive Analysis is a continuous monitoring of a circuit's response. Therefore the response can either be shown live with a probe, or depicted in comparison with the time domain on a virtual oscilloscope.
In contrast, Grapher View automatically shows the results of finite and/or abstract analyses like Frequency sweeps and Fourier Analyses.