What are IVI Shared Components and How Do I Uninstall Them?

Updated Jul 31, 2023

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  • IVI Compliance Package

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The IVI Shared Components are installed as part of IVI Compliance Package. What are they, why do I need them, and how do I uninstall them?


The IVI Shared Components are owned and distributed by the IVI Foundation.  These components form the underlying structure of an IVI-compliant system.  An IVI-compliant piece of software follows the specifications set by the IVI Foundation, allowing it to be easily used with other IVI-compliant drivers and software.  

Because the IVI Compliance Package components are designed to work with the IVI Shared Components, the IVI Shared Components are installed as part of the IVI Compliance Package.

To uninstall the IVI Shared Components, uninstall the IVI Compliance Package following the instructions in Installing, Updating, Repairing, and Removing NI Software.