Can't See My PXIe Chassis in MAX or Device Manager when Using a MXI(e) Device

Updated Aug 12, 2019

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  • PXI Chassis
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  • MXI Cable


Windows 10 

Issue Details

  • I can't see my PXIe chassis in MAX or Device Manager when using a MXI(e) connection. I made sure that everything is connected correctly and to turn on my PXIe chassis before my computer. 
  • I have multiple daisy chained chassis with MXI(e), but I am only able to see the first chassis
    • The power light to my chassis is on and I am not using any real time software
    • Why doesn't the device show up in MAX or device manager? 


This issue can be cause by several reasons:

Lack of PCI Resources in the CPU
The PC that is being used to control the PXI system must have enough PCI resources to control your given system. If your system requires more resource than are available in your PC motherboard, then it is possible that only part of your system will be visible in NI-MAX. Follow the 2 steps to make sure your system is compatible:
  1. It is important to know about the compatibility of your PXI system and your motherboard. It also essential essential to estimate the amount of PCI resources required to support your system.
  2. Check the number of PCI resources that are available on your PC . Make sure your estimate of the resources required is less than the actual resources available.

Install the MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility Software
  • If the DIP-switch 1 on the PCI card is in the ON mode, then you have to have the NI MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility Software installed in order to see the PXIe.
    • The NI MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility software is to confirm and ensure that the BIOS of the computer is compatible with the MXI(e) device.
    • In order to be able to see the device without the NI MXI-Express BIOS Compatibility Software installed, make sure that the device is in Mode 0 (DIP switch 1 is OFF).
  • If you can only see the 1st chassis in a daisy chained system, double check that the BIOS is capable of reading in the amount of root buses there are in the PXIe system

Other Troubleshooting Steps
This issue can be cause by many different issues. For additional troubleshooting steps, follow MXI Compatibility and Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide

Additional Information

Check that NI-MAX's PXI System Settings are set to use the National Instrument Active Resource Manager.  
  • You can get to these settings by clicking My System and scrolling to the bottom of the menu. 
  • If ​Active Resource Manager is not set to National Instruments, update it and restart NI-MAX.


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