Error 0271 or 0251 from PXI Controller on Boot-Up

Updated Jan 11, 2023

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  • PXI Controller

Issue Details

My CMOS clock on my PXI controller keeps losing its time. At boot-up I get the following error message.

Error Message:
Error 0271: Check Date and time Settings
Error 0251: System CMOS Checksum error-Default Configuration will be used

Press <F1> to Resume <DEL> to Enter Setup


The error messages are associated with a battery failure. National Instruments recommends that PXI Controllers needing battery replacement be returned for repair.  To begin the Return Material Authorization process and have the controller sent back to National Instruments for repair, generate an online service request through the Service Request Manager .

Additional Information

You may replace the battery (BR2032 3V Battery) yourself, though National Instruments will not be responsible for any damage to the controller.  Before you replace the battery, make sure you inspect the controller to make sure that the metal clip is making contact with the battery, the battery edges are not corroded, and that there is no physical damage to the controller.

To replace the battery yourself, follow the instructions below:
  1. Place the controller on a table, hard drive side down.
  2. With your finger nail, gently pull back the negative terminal pressing against the flat side of the battery.
  3. Using needle nose pliers remove the battery. The battery will not lift straight up. You have to tilt it slightly towards the processor then lift it out.  
  4. Using needle nose pliers, re-install the battery by pulling the negative terminal (flat side) out enough to slide the battery in at a diagonal. If you accidentally reinstall the battery backwards it will not harm the CMOS.