Addressing Different Devices in RS-485

Updated Sep 13, 2022

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  • RS-422/RS-485

Issue Details

If RS-485 can have up to 32 devices connected to a network, how does my RS-485 port specify which device will get each command?


Commands on a RS-485 bus are preceded by an address ID, usually 1 byte. All devices on the bus will receive commands sent to the bus and if a device is not programmed to respond to a particular ID, it will ignore the command. 

To determine the address IDs and commands that your instrument responds to, refer to your instrument's user manual.

Additional Information

Devices may also accept multiple IDs. For example, instead of configuring 32 sensors individually, one can send the configuration string with a global ID and configure them all at once. To access the sensors individually, the devices can be referenced with their specific IDs.