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Archived:Multisim Touch Crashes When I Open the App on iOS 8 Or Earlier

Updated Feb 2, 2018

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Reported In


  • Multisim Touch for iPad


  • Apple iPad with iOS 8 or Earlier

Issue Details

My Multisim Touch app crashes as soon as I try and do anything when using on iOS 8 or earlier.


There is a known issue with Multisim Touch version 1.1.1 and later on older versions of iOS (versions 8 and earlier).

To fix the issue, un-install the app from your device and download it again from the app store.

For iOS version 8 or lower: 
  • You will be prompted to download an older version of the app, version 1.1.0.

Addendum: Multisim Touch has reached End-of-Life status. It will no longer be available for purchase and download from the App Store, but will continue to function on devices where it is already installed. Please see the Support Forum for more information.