Error -1073807265 or -1073807304 at VISA Write or VISA Clear

Updated Apr 19, 2024

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Issue Details

I am trying to communicate with my GPIB instrument from LabVIEW and I receive one of the following error message:

Error -1073807304 occurred at VISA Write

Error -1073807304 occurred at VISA Clear


In order to fix this error, make sure that you are wiring in the correct VISA address for the instrument with which you are trying to communicate. In the case of GPIB devices, you can find the address in Measurement & Automation Explorer as in the following screenshot:

For example, in the above screenshot, the address should be GPIB0::0::INSTR

Other Troubleshooting Steps:

  • If you have made sure you are correctly addressing your instrument, check your cable and make sure each side of the connection is securely fastened down.
  • Switch out the GPIB cable with a different cable, and try to communicate again. Very rarely, a cable could become damaged and not establish clean communication with your instrument.

Additional Information

According to LabVIEW Help: VISA Error Codes, this error means:

No listeners condition is detected (both NRFD and NDAC are deasserted)

This usually means there are no listeners at the VISA address specified by the address string. It typically occurs when you specify an incorrect address (usually a GPIB address) to the VISA Open VI.