Programmatically Load or Save a Configuration File (.icd) with IMAQdx

Updated Oct 17, 2022

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  • Vision Acquisition Software
  • NI-IMAQdx

Issue Details

I know I can programmatically get and set individual attributes for a camera but how can I programmatically load or save an entire camera configuration file (.icd) containing multiple attributes?


To load a configuration file to a FireWire, Gigabit Ethernet, GigE Vision, or USB 3.0 vision camera with IMAQdx, use the IMAQdx Read Attributes VI

When you connect your camera to your computer for the first time, its configuration file will be extracted from the camera and saved in <Shared Documents>\National Instruments\NI-IMAQdx\Data. The file name should include the make, model and serial number of your camera, so you can identify the file should you have multiple cameras. Also, the file will have the file extension .icd. You can open this file and edit the attributes in a text editor such as Microsoft Notepad. Once you have saved the file with the desired attribute values, you can then provide IMAQdx Read Attributes VI the path to this file as seen below:
To save your current camera settings to a file, use IMAQdx Write Attributes VI

Additional Information

You will receive Error -1074360288 if you provide an icd file that does not exist.

Error -1074360288 occurred at IMAQdx Read
Possible reason(s):
NI-IMAQdx: (Hex 0xBFF69020) Invalid camera file.