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Download NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)

Updated Oct 13, 2020

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  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)

Issue Details

How do I download, upgrade, or downgrade NI's Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)?

I need to use it with my hardware or the version I have is corrupted.


Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX) cannot be downloaded by itself. It is included with all National Instruments drivers (NI-VISA, NI-DAQmx etc.) and NI System Configuration



Install device driver or System Configuration
  1. Confirm what you need:
    • NI Driver: In order to see most NI devices in MAX, interact with the device, or use its API, you will need to have its associated NI device driver installed. The driver you need will be determined by the hardware you are using.
      1. Check the Hardware Readme, manual, or getting started guide for your device to identify what driver you need.
      2. Confirm that the device, computer operating system, and software are supported by the driver version.
      3. Install the correct driver version from NI Driver Downloads.
    • NI System Configuration: 
      • Confirm compatibility with your Operating system by looking at the Supported OS drop-down on the right of the download page for the version you are installing or the version Readme
  2. Verify you have NI MAX installed on your computer:
    • Search for NI Max on your computer
    • Check for the folder in your C: Drive: C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\MAX\NIMax.exe 
Note: As you install and upgrade other NI software like LabVIEW, or other NI device drivers, your version of NI MAX will be upgraded if the installer contains a higher version. However, higher versions of NI MAX will always support lower versions of your NI device drivers.



There is not a way to downgrade NI MAX as it will be upgraded if the NI software installer contains a higher version. Higher versions of NI MAX will always support lower versions of your NI device drivers.



If you suspect corruption, follow the Upgrade information above or one of the following. Note: If using either of the following options, any information stored in NI MAX will be lost