Touch Panel Computer Not Recognising Devices in NI MAX

Updated Jan 4, 2018

Reported In


  • TPC-2512
  • TPC-2212
  • TPC-2215
  • TPC-2012
  • TPC-2515

Issue Details

I have a NI TPC (Windows Embedded). When I try to connect a device to the TPC, the device is not recognised in NI MAX. 


To get your device to appear in NI MAX, please follow the options below:

1. Reset the NI MAX Database.

2. If the first option did not solve the problem, contact NI Support and ask for the Recovery Image. The Recovery Image will be sent via FTP. 

Additional Information

Steps to install the Recovery Image: 
1. Download the Image. 
2. Ensure that you have a CF Card reader and a copy of Norton Ghost. These are required for using the recovery images. 
3. Ensure that you have a valid license for the image. The serial number will be the one that starts with a V. 

After the Recovery Image has booted successfully you will have to install the Run-Time Engine and DAQmx drivers.



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