Drivers for NI RAID Array Products

Updated Sep 30, 2019

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  • HDD-8261
  • NI-8260
  • HDD-8263
  • HDD-8264
  • HDD-8265
  • HDD-8266

Issue Details

I just purchased a NI RAID array and need to install the drivers on my PXI controller. However, the included driver CD does not have the drivers that I need. Where can I find drivers for NI RAID arrays?

I can not see my NI RAID device in NI MAX or Windows Device Manager. What drivers do I need for this?



 NI RAID Array Models

 Driver Downloads
 HDD-8261 NI-8261 1.0 Driver
 HDD-8263 HighPoint Technologies RocketRAID 2310 Controller Driver
 HDD-8264 Broadcom MegaRAID 84016E Controller Driver
 HDD-8265 Areca ARC-1182IX-12 Driver

 Select the following:
 Compontent Type: SAS/SATA RAID Adapters/Mezzanine Adapters
 Model Name: Discontinued Products
 Item Type: Driver/Utility
 HDD-8266 Microsemi Adeptec RAID 72405 Driver

Additional Information

Reference your RAID Array's Getting Started or Installation Guide for instructions on setting up your hardware and installing software and drivers. 


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