502 Bad Gateway Error When Accessing Online Training

Updated May 3, 2018

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Online Training

Issue Details

I cannot access my online training because of a 502 bad gateway error that pops up when I try to open my training session.


A 502 error is typically either a browser error, or an error that occurs when the server is not available or not accepting communication through the route from your machine, the internet, and our server.

Here are troubleshooting steps that have solved this issue in the past:

  • Make sure that you are accessing training through NI's website. Navigate to the NI Online Training portal, log in, and open the self-paced online training from there.
  • Refresh the session.
  • Perform the steps outlined in this general document on How to Fix a 502 Error on a PC
  • Navigate to the session in a different browser. NI Online Training typically works best with Internet Explorer.
  • Replace https with http at the beginning of the URL for online training. It could be that your web browser cannot verify our encryption methodology and thus is refusing the connection (specifying http instead of https un-encrypts the connection).

If you are still seeing the 502 error, we can confirm whether this is a break in the connection between your machine and our server, and identify where this break occurs by using the command prompt. Open the command prompt window and type the command:

traceroute ni.learn.com

Take a screenshot of the full results and contact NI Support for additional help.


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