Error 7 Occurred at Invoke Node When Building Source Distribution in LabVIEW

Updated May 28, 2021

Reported In


  • LabVIEW Application Builder Module
  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

When trying to build a Source Distribution from a LabVIEW project, I receive this error:

Error 7 occurred at Invoke Node in>>>>>> 

Possible reason(s): 

LabVIEW: File not found. The file might be in a different location


Some causes for Error 7 occurring in reference to an Invoke Node when building a Source Distribution in LabVIEW are as follows:
  • This error can be caused by LabVIEW  finding multiple VIs with the same name, or a single VI saved in multiple locations on disk. This can be resolved by ensuring VIs are not saved in multiple locations, and all VIs have unique names. 
  • This error can be caused by your executable build location exceeding Windows' maximum allowable path length during the build process. The maximum path length is 260 characters, so if your executable location is longer, Error 7 can be thrown. Shorten the path length of your output directory to address this problem, either by creating a new folder in a location at a higher level or changing the names of your current file location to shorten them.

Additional Information

This issue is commonly referred to as cross-linking. Refer to this discussion of application management best practices for more information on cross-linking and conflicts, and how to prevent and resolve them. 

Standard file names should not exceed 260 characters per the Windows Operating System, but it is recommended to keep them as short as possible.