Error 7 When Generating IP with Xilinx DDS Compiler 4.0

Updated May 1, 2018

Reported In


  • FPGA Xilinx Compilation Tools
  • LabVIEW FPGA Module
  • LabVIEW FPGA IP Builder

Issue Details

The Xilinx DDS Compiler 4.0 VI will fail to generate an IP under certain conditions. This issue is specific to ISE targets.

The conditions for this failure are when the IP is configured to:
  • Use Hardware Parameters on page 1 of configuration
  • Generate a 3-phases sinusoidal system
The DDS compiler will allow configuration and the generation appears to start. However, the green progress bar will become stuck after giving the following error in the log:

Error 7 occurred at Open/Create/Replace File in MD5Checksum>>

Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW:  File not found. The file might be in a different location or deleted. Use the command prompt or the file explorer to verify that the path is correct.
Nonexistent GPIB interface.

C:\NIFPGA\iptemp\xipin6CCDA0E97AF8411E83C66382B33EEFA3\[Your Component Name].vhd


Figure 1: IP Generation freezes at about 2/3 complete following an Error 7 message.
The only way to exit this window is to cancel the generation, which causes all configuration settings to be lost.


Instead of using Hardware Parameters on the first page of the DDS compiler configuration settings, use System Parameters. By adjusting these values and checking the resulting Hardware Parameters on page 5, the desired output width, phase width, etc. can be set. Refer to the datasheet to determine the relationships between System Parameters and Hardware Parameters: Xilinx DS558, LogiCORE IP DDS Compiler v4.0, Data Sheet.

Figure 2: Choose System Parameters for Parameter Selection.

Figure 3: Page 5 can be used to determine whether the hardware parameters are correct.


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