Convert XY Pairs to a Waveform

Updated Jan 11, 2023

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  • LabVIEW Base
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Issue Details

  • I have an array of nonuniform time data and an array of Y data (XY Pairs)
  • What options do I have to convert to waveform
  • I need to use waveform functions to process my data
  • I collect/have data in a non-waveform type


  • You need three components to make a waveform
    • Data (Y)
    • A start time (t0)
    • Delta t (dt)
  • Once we have those component use the Build Waveform function to create a waveform from you data

Additional Information

  • The waveform data type consists of the data (Y), a start time (t0), and a delta t (dt)
  • Here is an example that shows us one way to move from an XY pair to a Waveform
    • To convert an array of nonuniform time data you must find an appropriate dt
    • This is done by searching the time value array for the least common dt and then interpolating the Y to find the missing point
    • You then use the newly interpolated Y, the least common dt, and the original t0 to build the waveform
    • An example of this is attached below