How Do I Replace A PXI Hard Drive

Updated Mar 9, 2018

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  • PXI Controller
  • PXIe-8840 Memory
  • Upgrade Hard Drive
  • Solid State Real-Time Hard Drive

Issue Details

I have an existing PXI system with an embedded controller. I want to replace the existing hard drive/ move the hard drive from one embedded controller to different embedded controller. Is that possible?


PXI embedded controllers can be treated as typical PCs. You can swap hard drives between PXI controllers in the same manner as you could between typical PCs.

However, the same caveats apply when swapping PXI hard drives as typical PCs -- you should always back up your hard drive, and there is always the chance that driver incompatibilities or other OS mismatches can cause difficulties. 

Additional Information

Consult your controller's user manual for detailed information on how to remove the hard drive from the controller. The user manual will also contain information on accessing your controller's BIOS, which you may need. In the event you need to recover your hard drive, see Restore the Operating System of My PXI, VXI, cRIO-908x, and cDAQ-913x Controller for more information on hard drive recovery options

If you are intending to replicate an existing setup on the new PXI system, it may also be useful to back up your current Measurement & Automation Explorer configuration files. See the Export/Import (Save) the System Configuration in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) for instructions on this process as well.


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