Model Parameter Paths Differ in Different VeriStand Versions

Updated Dec 12, 2017

Reported In


  • VeriStand 2016
  • VeriStand 2011 SP1 Media
  • VeriStand Full
  • VeriStand 2012 Media

Issue Details

  • Migrating from VeriStand 2011 to VeriStand 2016
  • Seeing different tree structure of model parameters in system definition in different verisons


​Migration from older version of VeriStand is possible but there is no documented upgrade path that will work for everyone. Below are potential methods for this process.

Additional Information

Current reported behavior can be found below:

When migrating from 2012 to 2016 all connections to model inports, outports, parameters and signals must now map to the “Model Path”.  Abbreviated paths are no longer acceptable as in previous versions.

When you create an Alias to a model parameter using System Explorer 2012, the list of available model parameters comes from this section:
<Section Name="Parameters" TypeGUID="03D3BB0C-1485-13A6-56E10CEFF755E7D3">
Each parameter that appears in the <Section Name=”Parameters”> is available to connect an alias too. When the alias is created, it’s created to the abbreviated path, not the fully-qualified model path in the parameters section.
For example:
<Alias Name="my_parameter_name" TypeGUID="2c11e122-dad9-44da-989c-a66ff203fa31">
       <Description />
              <Property Name="Referenced Channel">
                     <DependentNode Path="Targets/my_controller_name/Simulation Models/Models/my_model_name/Parameters/my_parameter_name" />
       <Errors />

The above works, but in the parameters section it looks like the following:
<Channel Name="my_parameter_name" TypeGUID="03D3B9A5-1485-13A6-56C6D6209A7E7998" RowDim="1" ColDim="1" Units="" BitFields="1">
       <Description />
              <Property Name="Model Path">
              <Property Name="Expression">
              <Property Name="Parameter Index">
              <Property Name="Added">
       <Errors />

Note that the path through subsystems to the parameter, and the real name of the parameter itself, has been replaced by Parameters/my_parameter_name.

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