Accessing Online Training on an NI Academic Site License

Updated Mar 13, 2019

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  • Academic Site License
  • Volume License Manager

Issue Details

  • I am an educator, researcher, or student on an NI Academic Site License (ASL). When I log into the online training portal through the NI Online Training Log-In, I am not allowed to access the content. How can I gain access to self-paced online training content?
  • As an ASL administrator, how can I ensure all of my end users have access to online training?


All students and employees covered by their academic institution’s active Academic Site License have access to NI Online Training.

End users
Access NI Online Training by logging in with your university email address. You may first need to set up an user account with this email address. If you have followed these steps and you still cannot access the NI Online Training, contact your ASL Administrator to ensure that your email is included in the list provided to NI.

Contact your NI Account Manager with a list of email domains and/or individual emails that need access to NI Online Training, per your Academic Site License agreement. 

Each end user will need an user profile to gain access. Your end users will be able to access NI Online Training within 36 hours of your submission.