Import DXP, Eagle, EasyPC, and OrCAD into Multisim

Updated Apr 4, 2023



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I have existing schematics in DXP, Eagle, EasyPC, and OrCAD format.  How can I import these into Multisim?

Multisim has limited support for OrCAD .DSN files.  Designs from any other software cannot be imported.  The best option is to re-create the designs in Multisim.

To import an OrCAD .DSN design file:
  1. Select File » Open, and select the .DSN file to be imported
  2. When it asks for a .prt file, click Cancel
  3. You can either choose to import the components to your user database, or skip this step
  4. Verify the import, and replace any components/re-wire as necessary.

Additional Information

OrCAD .DSN file support is limited to schematic capture designs only; no simulation models or data can or will be imported.  However, an existing PSpice (or other) netlist can be simulated within Multisim, please refer to the technical article on Importing a SPICE Netlist for Simulation in NI Multisim .

What can be imported:
  • Schematic symbols
  • Wires/Nets
  • Ground and power sources
  • Bus lines
  • Junctions
  • Text
  • Title Blocks
What can't be imported:
  • Simulation modules and parameters
  • Connectors
  • Bus line inputs