Can I Create an Installer for My Measurement Studio Program Using InstallShield?

Updated Oct 20, 2023

Reported In


  • Measurement Studio Professional
  • Measurement Studio Standard
  • Measurement Studio 2015 Standard

Issue Details

I am getting various errors building my Measurement Studio application into an installer with InstallShield.


InstallShield is not a supported method of building installers for Measurement Studio applications. While you may have success, there have been problems in the past when using InstallShield with Measurement Studio and there is no guarantee that everything will work as intended. The currently supported methods when building installers for Measurement Studio applications are:

Additional Information

In Measurement Studio 2015, the Measurement Studio Installer Builder is included in the Professional and Enterprise versions. This is the recommended method when building an installer for Measurement Studio applications. The Measurement Studio Installer Builder has several advantages that make it much easier to use than other options, including a straight-forward, streamlined process and automatic selection of National Instruments runtimes and drivers. 

When the Measurement Studio Installer Builder is not an option, the recommended alternative is the WiX Toolset . There is also a community example WiX Installer project which is tailored to Measurement Studio applications and can be used as a starting point. 

For Visual Studio 2010 and earlier, the recommended method is to use Visual Studio Setup and Deployment Projects. In Visual Studio 2012 and later, Microsoft removed Setup and Deployment Projects.