3D Drawings for CompactRIO Controllers, Modules and Accessories

Updated Jan 17, 2019

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  • cRIO-9039

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Where can I find detailed 3D or CAD drawings for CompactRIO controllers, modules, chassis and accessories?


CAD drawings are available for CompactRIO controllers, modules, chassis and accessories in IGES, STEP, and Pro/E file formats. These files are linked as Dimensional Drawings and can be found by clicking the "Manuals" button under the item you wish to see the drawing for.  Below is an example image of the cRIO 9039 Product Page which shows the location of the Manuals button. To find the dimensional drawings for your specific controller, navigate to the product page of the item you need the dimensional drawings for. Click on Manuals and one of the search results should be Dimensional Drawings for that product.

Additional Information

If this information is unavailable under the Manuals section mentioned above, searching Google with "NI cRIO-XXXX dimensional drawing", substituting your model number in place of the four X's may yield an alternative webpage.

If you cannot find this information, contact National Instruments.


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