Dimensional Drawings and CAD Models for NI Hardware

Updated Aug 5, 2020

Issue Details

Where can I find detailed 2D Dimensional Drawings and 3D CAD Models for NI hardware? 


CAD drawings are available for most NI hardware in PDF, DXF, IGES, STEP, and Pro/E file formats. These files can be found by searching your device on the Dimensional Drawings page.

Alternatively, you can find the dimensional drawings following the next steps:
1. Select the "Manuals" button on the items product page.  Below is an example image of the cRIO-9039 Product Page which shows the location of the Manuals button. To find the dimensional drawings for your specific hardware, navigate to the product page of the item you need the dimensional drawings for.

2. Once you have pressed Manuals, one of the top links should be Dimensional Drawings. This link will lead to 2D Dimensional Drawings and 3D CAD Models that you can download. 

3. After you press Dimensional Drawings, a screen will appear giving you the choice of different CAD files to download:

4. Now you just have to select the file you need and download it.