IMAQdx Error -1074360305 Attribute Not Supported by the Camera

Updated Jan 11, 2019

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  • NI-IMAQdx

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I am trying to call an attribute for my camera using IMAQdx and LabVIEW. When I pass a string to the ActiveAttribute property for the IMAQdx property node, I get Error -1074360305 Attribute not supported by the camera. This attribute name works with the legacy IMAQ for IEEE 1394 Cameras driver. I typed the exact name of the attribute that showed up in the enumerated control of the legacy driver as the string input for the IMAQdx driver. Why doesn't this work?


The architecture of the attribute list has been changed for IMAQdx. Refer to Programmatically Get and Set Attributes with IMAQdx vs. IMAQ for IEEE 1394 for more information on this topic.

The correct syntax for camera attributes can be obtained using the IMAQdx Enumerate Attributes .vi found in the IMAQdx palette. This VI outputs the entire list of camera attributes into an array of clusters containing the following elements:
  1. Exact string name of the attribute
  2. Read/write permissions
  3. Specific datatype the attribute accepts
Index the array to browse and locate the specific attribute of interest. The Attribute Name field in the cluster can be passed to the ActiveAttributes property to reference that particular attribute as shown below:


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