MID 7604 Fault and Inhibit Lights On

Updated Dec 1, 2017

Reported In


  • MID-7604
  • PCI-7330

Issue Details

The red fault and orange inhibit lights are on on my MID-7604 on all channels. My MID 7604 is connected to a PCI 7330.


The lights may go out after any of these updates.
  1. Check that the MID is connected to the Motion Port on the PCI 7330
  2. Configure the DIP switches as described in the user guide
  3. Update firmware of PCI 7330 in NI-MAX
    1. Select the card
    2. Navigate to the firmware tab
    3. Select update firmware
  4. Initialize the device in NI-MAX
    1. Right-click the device and select initialize device
  5. Configure the device as described in the getting started guide 


Additional Information

If the above does not solve the issue the device may be faulty. Troubleshooting steps include: 
  1. Disconnect all cable and wiring from the back panel of the unit 
  2. Remove the controller cable and all motor, encoder, and limit switch wiring. 
  3. If the fault lights are still lit after removing all wiring from the device verify that the voltage input setting is correct (120V/240V), and that the appropriate fuse has been used as described in the user manual. 
  4. Connect the power cable only 
  5. If the fault lights are still lit, you can stop here (the device is broken) 
  6. If the lights go out try connecting the cables 1 at a time to see when the lights go on. If the lights go on when connecting the 68-pin cable, then the cable may be bad. 
  7. Verify that it is connected to the motion controller. 
  8. If the lights come on when you plug in the motors check for short circuits. 


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