DIAdem Channel X-Axis Offset

Updated Jan 11, 2023

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  • DIAdem Base
  • DIAdem Full
  • DIAdem Professional


DIAdem 2017

Issue Details

I have several channels of data that were not synchronized during data acquisition and had different starting times. How can I shift these signals along the abscissa in order to be able to display them in one 2D Axis System with matching ordinates?


  • In case your data is loaded from different files, you can use the Synchronize Data from Different Files function located in the Channel Functions Palette in DIAdem Analysis. This function will create a new time channel and place the channels at the correct position. Please note that this method requires a synchronization Channel in each file. The example Synchronizing Measurement Data in the DIAdem example library demonstrates how this works.
  • Waveform channels can be moved along the x-axis by overwriting the property: Waveform x-offset.¬†Numeric channels can be converted to waveform channels by following these instructions .¬†