Archived:Why do I get Error -201483 in SignalExpress When Not Using an NI 9469 Module?

Updated May 1, 2024

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  • SignalExpress

Issue Details

I'm collecting data on multiple cDAQ chassis in SignalExpress. I can acquire data on one chassis with no problem, but when I try to acquire on multiple chassis I get the following error:

Error -201483 occurred at DAQ Assistant

Possible Reason(s):

The selected master for the configured multi-device task is not able to export signals. Make sure that the first channel in the task is from a device on a chassis that has an NI 9469 capable of exporting signals to the slave devices. If you have any delta-sigma modules in your task, at least one must be in the master chassis..

However, I am not using an NI 9469 module. How can I avoid receiving this error?


To correct this error, simply ensure any analog input step only includes channels from modules in a single chassis. After configuring the hardware in NI MAX, do the following:
  1. Click Add Step in the top left corner of the SignalExpress window.
  2. Expand Acquire Signals.
  3. Expand DAQmx Acquire.
  4. Expand Analog Input.
  5. Select a measurement type.
  6. Add channels to task, making sure only modules from a single chassis are included.
  7. Repeat steps 1 - 6 for every chassis that needs to be added to the SignalExpress project.

Additional Information

If you are not using an NI 9469, you can add multiple modules from a single chassis to a single analog input step, but not modules from multiple chassis.

When the DAQ Assistant in Signal Express detects that data is being collected across multiple chassis simultaneously, it will assume by default that the tasks are intended to be synchronized, which requires the use of an NI 9469 module in each chassis.

The most robust method of synchronizing multiple cDAQ chassis is to use an NI 9469 Chassis Synchronization Module. Thus, Signal Express will prompt the user to utilize an NI 9469 module even when one is not in use.