What Operating Systems Support my DAQ Device

Updated Nov 24, 2017

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I want to upgrade my computer to a new operating system, will my NI DAQ Device still work with the new operating system? 


For your DAQ card to work correctly it will need to have a version of DAQmx that supports your DAQ device and is also compatible with your desired operating system. 

DAQmx and Windows Support

To check what versions of DAQmx are supported in your desired operating system, see: NI-DAQmx and Microsoft Windows Compatibility

DAQmx Support for your DAQ device

Next, you need to find what versions of DAQmx your DAQ device is supported in. 
This can be done by checking the readmes for the versions of DAQmx supported in your desired operating system. 
See the NI Driver Page for a list of links to the DAQmx versions. 

DAQmx is only supported in Windows operating systems. If you are considering a non-windows operating system, see NI-DAQmx Base and Linux / OS X Compatibility

Additional Information

If you plan on using your DAQ card with NI software, such as LabVIEW, you should also check what versions of that software are supported on that operating system, and supports your chosen version of DAQmx. 

Some DAQ cards are only supported in 32 bit OS. 
These cards are listed in the DAQmx readme under the section: Devices Not Supported in NI-DAQmx on the 64-Bit Versions of Windows"


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