Create and Edit VI Buttons in TestStand are Disabled

Updated Nov 27, 2017

Reported In


  • TestStand

Issue Details

When adding a LabVIEW Step in TestStand, my Create LabVIEW ProjectEdit LabVIEW ProjectEdit VI and Create VI steps are disabled. If I hover my mouse over any of these, I get the message "Requires LabVIEW Development System" despite the fact I have the LabVIEW Development System installed.


  1. Navigate to Configure»Adapters
  2. Select LabVIEW and press Configure.
  3. Ensure that Development System is selected

Additional Information

TestStand is not able to open LabVIEW code natively so it uses an adapter to open LabVIEW code. By default, TestStand uses the LabVIEW RunTime Engine as its adapter which is not able to create/edit VI's. The development system has this functionality, so by using this as the LabVIEW adapter the buttons become available.


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