I Can't Use Simulated Agilent and Tektronix Instruments in Multisim Anymore

Updated Nov 24, 2017

Reported In


  • Multisim Base
  • Multisim Full
  • Multisim Professional

Issue Details

I have been using the Agilent and Tektronix simulated devices in Multisim after I recently installed it, now these devices have disappeared from the menu and I'm unable to use them. Why are these devices gone?


If you are using the Base or Full version of Multisim these simulated devices will not be available as these are only included with the Power Pro Edition of the software, which has a 30 day trial after installing Multisim, giving access to the devices for the duration of the trial, afterwards the appropriate license will be needed.


Additional Information

For a comparison of the features found on the different versions of Multisim, you can reference the document found below.  



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