Computer Encounter Black Screens or Long Boot Times After Installing NI Software

Updated Nov 22, 2017

Issue Details

I recently installed NI software and am now experiencing unexpected behavior during booting and logging on to my computer such as long boot times or black screens after logging on. If I uninstall the software, the issue resolves itself. Is there a way to install NI software without encountering this issue?


Two main behaviors have been observed:
  • Longer than normal boot times (around 20 minutes)
  • Screen blacks out and becomes unresponsive after entering log-on credentials
​Run the batch file available in the Related Links section to disable the registry key associated with the subcomponent. If the batch file returns an error (most commonly error 10013), right-click on batch file and choose Run as administrator.

If you are experiencing trouble after running the batch file, please contact NI Support and refer to this KnowledgeBase article.

Additional Information

A subcomponent of NI products may cause unexpected behavior when installed on Windows machines located on a .local domain. To verify your domain, right-click Computer and select Properties from the shortcut menu.

This issue was introduced in August 2012 and will only affect NI drivers and applications built after that date.


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