Black Screens or Long Boot Times After Installing NI Software

Updated Apr 20, 2021

Reported In


  • LabVIEW

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

I recently installed NI software and am now experiencing unexpected behavior:
  • Longer than normal boot times (longer than 10 minutes)
  • Screen blacks out and becomes unresponsive after entering Windows log-on credentials


​Download and run the batch file attached in the Attachment section as administrator (in order to prevent error 10013).

If this did not improve the boot time, do the following steps:
  • Open the Windows execution window by pressing Windows+R and run services.msc. The Windows Service Manager opens.
  • All the services that depend on NSIS (Network Store Interface Service) must not be set to Automatic. Otherwise NSIS will run during the boot process and the boot time will be long again. Right-click on the Service, open Properties and choose Manual as Startup Type for every NSIS service. The NSIS services are: DHCP Client, DNS Client, IP Helper, Network Connections, Network Local Awareness, Workstation and NSIS.

Additional Information

  • A subcomponent of NI products may cause unexpected behavior when installed on Windows machines located on a .local domain. To verify your domain, right-click This PC and select Properties from the shortcut menu. This issue was introduced in August 2012 and will only affect NI drivers and applications built after that date.
  • DHCP Client is responsible for network communication. In case you need a connection to the Internet on this computer, you have to switch on the DHCP Client after the boot up. This can be done manually each time or by configuring a task in Task Scheduler:
  1. Go to Control Panel and open Administrative Tools
  2. Open Task Scheduler
  3. Click on Create Basic Task on the right side
  4. Name the task (e.g. DHCP)
  5. Press Next
  6. Choose When I Logon
  7. Press Next
  8. Choose Start a Program
  9. Press Next
  10. Insert net in Program/script
  11. Insert start DHCP Client in Arguments
  12. Press Finish