Standard or EMC Filler Panels for My PXI Chassis

Updated Dec 19, 2023

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  • PXIe-1062Q
  • PXI Chassis
  • PXIe-1085

Issue Details

I have unused slots in my PXI system:
  • Do I need to use filler panels for unused slots?
  • Why does NI sell electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) filler panels for PXI chassis?
  • What is the difference between the PXI chassis EMC and standard filler panel kits?
  • Where can I locate the filler panels available for my chassis?


The standard filler panels (778646-01) improve the cooling performance of the system and are recommended whenever there are empty slots.

The EMC filler panels (778700-01) contain additional gaskets to control EMC emissions from the chassis. If you are more concerned with temperature regulation than shielding, consider purchasing the standard filler panels and PXI Slot Blockers instead.

While filler panels are helpful for extra shielding and physical protection, they are not required otherwise.

You can find the filler panels in the accessories section of the PXI chassis product pages. For example, the model page of the PXIe-1085 shows the following among the available accessories:

Additional Information

NI PXI EMC filler panels are designed to meet the following characteristics:
  • Increase shielding across the front of the chassis, especially when all panels installed in the chassis are IEEE 1101.10 compliant EMC panels
  • Comply with IEEE Specification 1101.10
  • Be installable in every slot of the PXI chassis with minimal internal interference build-up due to use of an EMC gasket

The EMC filler panel kit contains six single-slot filler panels with additional gaskets to control EMC emissions from the chassis. The standard filler (778679-01) panel kit contains three double-slot and three single-slot filler panels. Please notice the purchase of a chassis includes the standard filler panel kit. For chassis-only purchases, the filler panels will not be installed. For PXI system purchases, the standard filler panels will be installed according to the system configuration in Factory Installation Services – EMC filler panels will not be installed. The standard filler panel kit is also available as a separate, orderable part number in case additional filler panels are required for existing chassis.