How Do I Route Signals Using A PXI Timing and Synchronization Card in .NET?

Updated Nov 21, 2017

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  • NI-DAQmx
  • NI-Sync


.NET Framework

Issue Details

I am trying to route signals to, from, and within my PXI system through my PXI Timing and Synchronization card. I want to accomplish this using the .NET framework.


Generally, control of PXI Timing and Synchronization cards is accomplished through the use of the NI-Sync driver. However, currently, there is no .NET API for the NI-Sync driver. The best way to route signals using .NET and your PXI Timing and Synchronization card is through the NI-DAQmx .NET API.

The Connect Terminals method of the DAQmx .NET API allows you to create a connection between the PFI lines on the front end of the PXI Timing and Sync card and the PXI Trigger lines on the PXI backplane. See the help document here. Signals can then be imported or exported to and from the PXI system through the PFI lines and referenced by other devices within the system.


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