Archived:Mounting Configurations of a CompactRIO and its Effects on Module Specifications

Updated Jan 4, 2019

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The accuracy of the measurements I am taking using the C series modules within my CompactRIO (cRIO) system is not within specifications even though my system's ambient temperature is within the allowable range. Could the way I'm mounting the cRIO be affecting this?


In order to achieve the allowable operating temperature range specified for cRIO products, you must mount the products as described in the installation instructions. Mounting a CompactRIO chassis in a different orientation or on a nonmetallic surface reduces the maximum allowable ambient temperature and can affect the measurement accuracy of C Series modules in the chassis. 

High-Power CompactRIO Systems (cRIO-9081/2) and the Impact on Measurement Accuracy lists various mounting configurations for the cRIO-9081/9082 and the resulting temperature ranges.

 C Series Mounting Guidelines lists various mounting configurations for several NI-RIO targets and the resulting temperature ranges.



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