Can I Deploy LabVIEW Code to my Arduino?

Updated Jul 17, 2018

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I have written a VI in LabVIEW and I want to run it on my Arduino. Can I deploy a LabVIEW VI to an Arduino?


At this time you cannot deploy an VI written in LabVIEW to an Arduino.

If you are interested in controlling an Arduino from LabVIEW then you can use the third-party LabVIEW add-on Digilent LINX. See Can I Control an Arduino from LabVIEW? for more information on this topic. This Add-On is a free toolkit that provides easy to use two way communication between LabVIEW and an Arduino Uno as well as other embedded controllers platforms.

The Add-On uses RS-232 (serial) to transmit data between LabVIEW and the Arduino. In order for this to work there must be a connection between the computer running LabVIEW and the the Arduino Uno, e.g. using a USB cable, a serial cable, or a Bluetooth connection. LINX provides easy to use VIs for basic sensors and low level Arduino functionality.

If you are interested in deploying LabVIEW code to embedded targets you may want to consider LabVIEW Embedded Module for ARM for use with ARM Microcontrollers, the LabVIEW C Code Generator, or the Compact RIO platform.

Additional Information

There are few communities available for more information. Please note that the LabVIEW Arduino Community has moved to LabVIEW MakerHub.

Previously, this article referred to LabVIEW Interface for Arduino (LIFA) Toolkit. LIFA has been replaced with LINX. It is highly recommended to migrate to LINX as there will be no further development for LIFA.