Link a Ground Symbol to a Custom Ground Net in Multism

Updated Nov 16, 2023



  • Multisim

I have a custom ground net in my Multism schematic. How do I link a ground symbol to this net?

The general Ground (GND) symbol cannot be assigned to another net, as it is considered universal for SPICE simulation purposes. Additional grounds can be used in a design by using DGND symbols.
To do so, place a DGND in the net and set the RefDes to GND:
  1. Select DGND (Master Database » Sources » POWER_SOURCES » DGND) in the component selector and place it in the desired net.
  1. Double-click the symbol. In the Digital Ground dialog box, go to tab Label and change RefDes to GND.

Additional Information

To see to which net ground is linked to, and click on the Pins tab on the Digital Ground dialog Box.