Create a Custom Title Block in Multisim

Updated Oct 25, 2020



  • Multisim 12.0.1 Full

How do I create a custom title block with my company's logo?

Launch the Title Block Editor, in Multisim go to Tools » Title Block Editor. Create the custom title block using this editor and save the file in a known location. 

Otherwise, you can modify any of the pre-built sample title blocks installed with Multisim. The following steps show how you can create a custom title block that can be reused in other schematics:
  • From the main menu select Place » Title block
  • From the Open dialog select any default title block then click the Open button
  • Place the title block anywhere on your schematic
  • Right-click on the title block and select Edit symbol\title block from the context menu
  • You are now in the symbol editor where edit the default title block and re-draw it the way you want.  The Graphic toolbar contains all the tools you need to create the title block.  Click the Place a Bitmap icon to import your company's logo
  • To save your title block select File»Save As
  •  Save the title block in the same location as the sample title block that was installed with Multisim.
        The path for a 32 bit operating system:
        C:\Programs Files\National Instruments\Circuit Design Suite\titleblocks

        The path for a 64 bit operating system:
        C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Circuit Design Suite\titleblocks