How Do I Export My Ultiboard User Database to Another Computer?

Updated Oct 26, 2020



  • Ultiboard Professional

I have created custom components in Ultiboard that I would like to share but I cannot find an Export or Share option in Ultiboard 

To share your custom components you can take a copy of the User Database file to another computer. 

To find the User Database path:
  1. Select Options»Global Preferences this brings the Preferences dialog.
  2. In the Paths tab you can note the exact location of the User Database.
  3. Browse to that location, copy the file into the new computer (or backup location).
Depending on the need to keep the existing User Database in the new computer, you can either merge both files (this option might not be available in older versions of Ultiboard)​ or replace the existing one as follows:
  • If you have also created custom components in the new computer that you want to keep you can use one of the following options:
    • If the Ultiboard versions are not the same in both computers use the Convert Database under Tools » Database, The converted database will be stored in the folder configured in Global Preferences.
    • If both databases correspond to the same version go to Tools » Database and then select Merge Database.
  • If you do not need to keep the contents of the new computer's User Database or you do not have the Merge Database option you can do one of the following:​
    • Replace the current User Database with the new one.
    • Point to the new User Database in the same dialog as the above instructions.

Additional Information

  • The instructions previously described also apply to the Corporate Database
  • Typically, the User Database is located in the following directory (replace [username] with your Windows login username, and [version] with your software version, e.g. 12.0):
    C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\National Instruments\Circuit Design Suite\[version]\database\UsrComp_S_[username].usr